Feasibility Study on Joint Venture Project between Toyo Agricultural Machinery and Indian Strategic Partner for Potato Harvester

Bureau of Research on Industry & Economic Fundamentals (BRIEF) in collaboration with Toyo Agricultural Machinery carried out the above mentioned study to gauge the demand and supply dynamics of agricultural machinery in the state of Punjab. The objective of this market study was to measure the business potential for Toyo Agricultural Machinery, Japan (TAM) in ....Read more

E-Pharmacy – Perception of Consumers

Bureau of Research on Industry and Economic Fundamentals (BRIEF) has been involved in conducting a primary survey based study titled “E-Pharmacy - Perception of Consumers”. The aim of the study was to understand consumers’ perspectives towards the novel concept of online pharmacies while encompassing their views and readiness towards adopting this technology fuelled medicine buying ....Read more

Feasibility and Market Estimation

BRIEF has conducted multiple studies in collaboration with Dun and Bradstreet (DNB). These studies, most of which are either feasibility studies or markets estimations, have been set in different parts of the country, on a range of issues. These include real estate estimations, project implementation feasibility, business opportunities etc. The studies done for DNB have ....Read more