Bureau of Research on Industry and Economic Fundamentals (BRIEF) is a research and consulting organisation with focus on policy research, diagnostic studies, program implementation, industry and market research as well as assessment of various schemes and interventions in the socio-economic domain. Its past engagements have spanned across areas such as international trade facilitation, infrastructure and policy aspects among others, with special emphasis on India and other countries in South Asia and the MENA region.

BRIEF functions as a consultant and research partner to policymakers, decision making bodies, research institutions and the academia, providing extensive research-based advisory on contemporary issues. It also engages itself in reform facilitation measures, aimed at enabling the policy establishment in decision making on key areas of intervention. BRIEF envisages the enhancement of knowledge content in policy making by undertaking analytical research targeted towards improving India’s interface with the global economy. Apart from offering problem solving solutions for various organisations, it endeavours to use research to broaden the scope of public policy debate for the stimulation of overall growth in India and other geographies under focus. BRIEF along with its partners has provided policy recommendations to various stakeholders like government ministries, industry chambers, social institutes, stakeholder associations, etc. and has throughout garnered considerable support and appreciation from the policy establishment as well as other key participants.

BRIEF’s research and consulting activities also focus extensively on social sector research, industry research and market research, with the aim of providing strategic solutions on an array of issues in the social and corporate domains. In the social sector, BRIEF focusses extensively on intervention areas of national importance, such as education, employment, rural development, health, childcare, poverty alleviation and many more, to facilitate positive changes in the socio-political mosaic of the country. Further, BRIEF’s extensive activities in terms of industry and market analytics have also benefitted various industry bodies, members of the corporate as well as knowledge partners, enabling them to enhance their information base, augment their scale of operations and mitigate pressing issues.

The BRIEF in-house team comprises consultants, domain experts, survey specialists, data analysts, etc. who work in tandem to incorporate streamlined output-based processes and generate strategic results in the areas covered. The team diligently focusses on exceeding the expectations of its clients/partners/recipients and endeavours to positively impact the policy, social, economic and corporate spheres, in line with the growth targets of the country.