Bureau of Research on Industry & Economic Fundamentals (BRIEF) in collaboration with Toyo Agricultural Machinery carried out the above mentioned study to gauge the demand and supply dynamics of agricultural machinery in the state of Punjab.
The objective of this market study was to measure the business potential for Toyo Agricultural Machinery, Japan (TAM) in the state of Punjab as well as assess the possibility of a joint venture with an Indian counterpart for ‘Potato Harvester’ (a product of TAM). The study focused on the condition of potato farming in the state, facilities and other benefits available from the government, machinery available to farmers, demand and supply side factors, key issues related to potato farming, etc. The study also intended to understand the market dynamics through detailed analysis with the help potato growers, entailing an evaluation of the constraints and future potential as well as an assessment of the readiness to accept the product (harvester) ToyoNoki is planning to introduce in the Indian market.