BRIEF has conducted multiple studies in collaboration with Dun and Bradstreet (DNB). These studies, most of which are either feasibility studies or markets estimations, have been set in different parts of the country, on a range of issues. These include real estate estimations, project implementation feasibility, business opportunities etc.

The studies done for DNB have been both qualitative and quantitative, involving in-depth interviews, stakeholder consultations, consensus, targeted interviews and random sampling surveys. Each study has been structured according to the ‘end client’ needs.

For each study, the researchers gather the necessary existing information to create a background for the study. For example, in the Biomass Feasibility Study, the existing capacity, the potential for biomass power and the availability of resources for the project were researched well in advance of the actual study. The vast network of field investigators in BRIEF was able to corroborate the findings from the secondary research to gather information from the different players surveyed. Other DNB studies have employed similar methods.

In its association with DNB, BRIEF has conducted the following studies:

  • Estimating opportunities in export of services to CIS Countries from India
  • Guide to setting up a manufacturing facility in Delhi and Haryana
  • Biomass-Patiala Feasibility Study
  • Private Freight Corridor Feasibility Study – Uttarakhand and West Bengal
  • Bhopal-Residential Real Estate Feasibility Study
  • Ghaziabad- Residential Real Estate Study
  • NOIDA- Residential Real Estate Study
  • Guwahati- Hospital Feasibility Study
  • Jabalpur- Hospital Feasibility Study
  • Indore- Hotel/Banquet Hall Feasibility Study
  • Udaipur- Hotel cum Club Feasibility Study
  • Delhi- Retail Outlet Market Estimation
  • Bhopal- Mall Feasibility Study