Third Party Evaluation and Impact Study of 28 Projects of Batch-IV & V under PMKSY-WDC

The proposed evaluation study focuses on measuring the effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of the PMKSY-WDC scheme in Haryana. The end-line study's overall objective is to assess the ecological, economic, and social impact of 28 projects of Batch-IV & V of PMKSY-WDC.
The impact evaluation study is being carried out to assess the following aspects:
During this study, BRIEF team will undertake qualitative as well as quantitative research in Haryana. The research plan & methodology is developed by BRIEF and specific research tools – FGD Guidelines & Questionnaires are developed for holding discussions with the stakeholders. The analysis of primary data will be done to highlight the operational aspects of the NRM structures and associated parameters concerning the selected micro-watersheds in the region which will be collated in a detailed report.