Undertaking large scale surveys has been a focus area for BRIEF since its inception and one of its strengths throughout. Realising the immense potential and utmost importance of survey as a tool for effective socio-economic analysis, BRIEF has continually regarded it as a thrust area and employed considerable resources towards its effective operability. The Survey Team at BRIEF consists of expert surveyors with extensive experience in managing large scale surveys across a multitude of areas and varied geographies. It has, over the years, successfully conducted surveys in the social, economic, industrial, market and financial domains. The team has not only executed out and out survey assignments, but has also continually provided critical support to other groups functioning out of BRIEF. The in-house team – along with competent supporting teams from various survey partners, wherever necessary – have consistently worked across India and also demonstrated considerable prowess in executing international surveys as well. BRIEF draws its strength to conduct critical surveys from its extensive network – comprising of administrative authorities, social institutions, industrial bodies, stakeholder associations, financial institutions, etc. – and its ability to extract structured information from respondents across all strata. In the era of digital revolution, online studies often prove to be more acceptable and convenient. The in-house team is well acquainted with modern online data collection methods. BRIEF – in addition to traditional data collection techniques – possesses strong expertise in online surveys, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI), tablet based surveys, etc. to provide quality information based solutions within competitive timelines.

The major lines of activity for the Survey Team at BRIEF are: