Subrata Bandyopadhyay, Director

Subrata holds a Master’s in Economics and an MBA, bringing over two decades of experience in socio-economic research. As a Founder Director of BRIEF Pvt. Ltd., he has significantly influenced the organization’s growth trajectory. His rich experience and expertise has benefitted research projects across India, SAARC countries, the Middle East and Malaysia.

Throughout his career, Subrata has excelled in executing large-scale surveys, from design to sampling and instrument development. His proficiency extends to comprehensive analysis of primary and secondary data, using contemporary statistical methodologies.

At BRIEF, Subrata leads primary survey-based studies in crucial socio-economic areas, including healthcare, women’s empowerment, education, agriculture, banking & finance, industry and tourism. His adept management strengthens the organization and contributes meaningfully to the knowledge base in these domains.

His commitment to excellence and proficiency in socio-economic research positions him as a valuable asset within the BRIEF team. His holistic approach consistently yields insights for evidence-based policy recommendations and strategic interventions.

In summary, Subrata’s career, marked by diverse experiences, shapes socio-economic research. His multifaceted skill set, from survey design to advanced data analysis, establishes him as a key figure in the field. Within BRIEF, Subrata’s contributions solidify the organization’s reputation as a thought leader in the domain of socio-economic research.