BRIEF conducted a survey and primary data analysis for the study, by Indian Council for Research and International Economic Relations (ICRIER), titled ‘A Study of India’s Investment Environment, Major FDI Inflows and Suggestion for Taiwan’s Businessmen’ to meet the primary objective of conducting a survey based analysis of the investment environment in India. Survey was carried out all over India including major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore etc. A total of 400 companies, belonging to automobile and auto components, financial services, food processing, human resource development, information & communications technology, machinery & machine tools, retail & distribution trade, transport & logistics sectors etc. were surveyed. During the survey, three types of companies operating in India were contacted viz. companies from Taiwan, companies from other countries and Indian companies with operations outside India.

Based on the findings, two reports were published by ICRIER on September 2nd, 2013.