Social Sector

Social Sector Research has been a major coverage area for BRIEF since its inception. The Social Sector Research Group at BRIEF comprises a multi-disciplinary team of experts drawn from relevant fields of social sciences as well as applied sciences, possessing relevant proficiency and experience in key intervention areas such as poverty alleviation, health, sanitation, education, etc. BRIEF has, over the years, carried out numerous studies covering a wide spectrum of deliverables i.e. formative research, large-scale demographic surveys, need-assessment studies, impact assessment and evaluation of major interventions, socio-economic surveys, policy level document preparation, baseline/end line evaluations and capacity building of different stakeholder groups. BRIEF aims at and strives towards holistic resurgence in the social sphere and engages itself in the facilitation of the same, covering pertinent subjects in the domain including the government’s focus areas. Some of the major activities focussed on include impact evaluation of reforms in the sector, restructuring at micro and macro levels, assisting in governance related aspects, aiding policy formation on relevant reform areas, conducting projects related to rural development as well as providing research and implementation level assistance in areas such as health and sanitation.

The major lines of activity for the Social Sector Research Group at BRIEF are: