Market Research is a domain which is considerably focussed on at BRIEF, given its significance in the overall growth prospects of industry, trade and subsequently the economy as a whole. In the context of understanding the true potential of domestic and international demand, and eventually realising the same, well directed efforts towards analysing market dynamics become imperative. The BRIEF Market Research Group envisages to develop customised research based consulting solutions for corporate clients and industry bodies on various strategic marketing areas, so as to provide decision making support with respect to market trends, opportunities, feasibility, product development, entry strategies, growth parameters, competitive landscape, consumer perceptions, business environment, etc. BRIEF, over the years, has been consistently extending market research support and end-to-end strategic solutions to corporates, research partners and other relevant stakeholders, with the objective of enabling enhanced business penetration and sustenance domestically as well as in international markets.

The major lines of activity for the Market Research Group at BRIEF are: