Industry Research as a vertical entails extensive research on key sectors such as agriculture, tourism, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, financial services and many more, bringing in holistic analysis on an array of determinants/metrics i.e. nature of an industry, its size, its significance in the value chain, market segments, growth drivers, particulars related to logistics and supply chain, the competitive landscape it operates in, business environment, regulatory framework, infrastructural adequacy, technological requirements, environmental aspects, transaction costs, etc. among others. Through detailed background research and direct interactions with relevant stakeholders, BRIEF envisages to deliver incisive insights on defining parameters such as recent trends, growth drivers, domestic and international value chains, challenges, future prospects, developmental areas (short, medium and long term), etc. with a view to empower key players, top managements and relevant stakeholders in streamlined decision making. The Industry Research Group at BRIEF formulates industry specific coverage domains, capturing the nuances and intricacies of a particular industry – thereby focussing on the key influencing factors – and providing solutions in accordance with needs specific to the same. It also captures the business environment, advantages, bottlenecks, competition and cost parameters through diligent use of a defined analytical framework, comprising models/methods such as PESTLE Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Model, competitive benchmarking of key players and relevant matrices for capturing infrastructure, regulations, costs, etc. among others.

The major lines of activity for the Industry Research Group at BRIEF are: