Ecomomic & Policy

Economic & Policy Research is one of the core domains covered by BRIEF, combining in-house expertise and skillsets with the experience of external advisors and experts. BRIEF, over the years, has been working in close congruence with the reform processes envisaged by the policy establishment – central and state ministries, apex bodies and decision makers – and relevant stakeholders, with a view to facilitate positive developments in areas of significant economic importance. It has also been the preferred partner for major economic think tanks and other revered institutions in the country and has consistently been entrusted with socio-economic research projects of considerable relevance. Associated activities have revolved around key areas such as macroeconomic management in an open economy and the strategic aspects of India’s international economic relations. BRIEF has been continually involved in policy research assignments, covering major areas such as trade facilitation, assessment of government schemes, infrastructural and operational evaluation of key projects, regional cooperation, financial sector liberalisation and regulation, environment and climate change, etc. BRIEF has also regularly been engaged in prestigious assignments directed towards bolstering major government initiatives such as Ease of Doing Business and Make in India. It has been closely working with the policy establishment and relevant stakeholders, carrying mandates for facilitating structural reforms – in focus areas such as trade, logistics, regulatory environment, etc. – after taking due cognizance of the prevailing scenario, potential reform areas for the short as well as long terms and possible measures for change, with the objective of providing necessary assistance towards the realisation of better infrastructure, streamlined operations, reduced transaction costs, conducive regulatory environment and regional cooperation to foster overall economic growth.

The major lines of activity for the Economic & Policy Research Group at BRIEF are: