Under the Research Scheme of NITI Aayog 2015 (RSNA), NITI Aayog has sanctioned Bureau of Research on Industry and Economic Fundamentals (BRIEF) to undertake the research study “Review of Udaan Scheme in Jammu & Kashmir”.

The principal focus of the review study on Udaan Scheme is to create an ecosystem that would bridge the gaps existing in the present scheme. The study aims at:

  • Identifying the bottlenecks, gaps or challenges that exist in the present Udaan scheme
  • Providing suitable suggestions for better implementation of the scheme, to enhance employment opportunities for the educated youth of J&K

BRIEF will extensively interact with key stakeholders including the authorities, youth as well as corporate bodies and would also conduct a workshop as an effort to create a platform for the youth to engage with the policy establishment, implementer, corporate bodies and other relevant stakeholders.

The outcome of the study would be collated in the form of a comprehensive report covering the performance metrics of the scheme, positives as well as success factors, challenges faced/gaps to be bridged, perceptions of stakeholders and finally, recommendations aimed at assisting the policy establishment in the process of exercising necessary reforms in the implementation of the scheme.