The project “Pursuing Reforms at Indian Ports to Improve the Trading Environment for International Business” aims at pursuing, promoting and facilitating identified procedural reforms, supporting their implementation and positively impacting policy-making in four broad areas:

  • Information Exchange Platforms
  • Container Freight Stations (CFS)
  • PPP Projects at Ports
  • Trade Facilitation Committee Meetings (PTFC & CCFC)

This current exercise succeeds the project “Bridging Infrastructural Deficits at Select Trade Ports in India”, which was successfully completed in the previous financial year. The project was aimed at analysing critical infrastructural, operational and regulatory bottlenecks at select sea and land ports, and a detailed report was released on 30th March, 2016 in the presence of distinguished representatives of the policy establishment, key stakeholders and experts.
By the end of this project, BRIEF aims at successfully mobilising reform processes directed towards streamlining information availability through platforms for information exchange, facilitating improved functioning of Container Freight Stations (CFS), pursuing developments in the institutional mechanisms affecting the operations of PPP projects at ports and exploring avenues to make existing Trade Facilitation Committee Meetings (PTFC & CCFC) at the port level more inclusive, participatory and transparent.