The Government of India has initiated a huge COVID-19 vaccination program in India through a multi-pronged strategy. The strategy to communicate with the population will be critical towards improving the public willingness and mobilization for the vaccination program. As the vaccination program builds up, further understanding public perceptions and addressing vaccine hesitancy will be
important aspects towards the program.

Continuous and effective communication would help to ensure timely access, accurate and transparent information about the COVID-19 vaccine(s), resulting in adequate awareness and accurate knowledge, thereby facilitating willingness and
addressing vaccine hesitancy. Government’s communication strategy is also getting added with significant global and local media coverage with multiple media reports, opinions and social media messages on vaccination.

In this environment, where the public is also getting exposed to various diverse media input, opinions and social media messaging, it is important to assess on-the-ground public mindset and perceptions towards vaccination.

Bureau of Research on Industry & Economic Fundamentals (BRIEF) and 1mg conducted a virtual survey on the perceptions of COVID-19 vaccine with a sample size of 30,392 in India. The survey attempted to explore perspectives towards intent of
taking the vaccine, key influencing drivers towards selection of an approved vaccine, willingness to pay and barriers perceived by consumers for getting vaccinated in India.