In order to revive the dialogue on economic (re)engagement between India and Pakistan, the project will aim to strengthen the bilateral trade ecosystem through establishing association level collaborations to enable sector-specific value chain linkages, and enhancing knowledge base and capacities by widening stakeholder participation.

The project will undertake a pro-active and stakeholder intensive approach to:

  • (Re)initiate the dialogue on economic cooperation
  • Increase stakeholder constituency through multi-level interactions and engagements with decision makers, policy influencers and other key stakeholders
  • Address knowledge gaps and build capacities of key stakeholders
  • Facilitation of a joint business chamber for promoting and creating a positive ecosystem for bilateral trade
  • Promote business collaborations between product specific associations and chambers

Our new book “Unilateral Decisions Bilateral Losses” – which is a micro level analysis of the impact the face-off between India and Pakistan in 2019 has had on their border economies – is an outcome of the ongoing program “Partnering for Prosperity: through enabling trade and connecting communities between India and Pakistan”, which seeks to generate momentum for an overall (re)engagement process by not just providing impetus to trade but bridging the trust deficit.

Next in series is “The Dubai Angled Triangle” that focuses on the changing trends of informal trade between India and Pakistan after 2012, and dives deep into the role of the UAE based on primary research as well as using quantitative analysis.