Manoj Kumar, Project Manager

Manoj is a highly accomplished professional. With an academic background in history, he boasts of a distinguished 15-year career focused on research and consultancy. His wealth of experience spans various significant roles in esteemed organizations, illustrating his expertise in project management, field operations and research analyses. At BRIEF, Manoj serves as a Project Manager where his proficiency in project planning, execution and team management shines. Leading research initiatives, he oversees projects pertaining to the analysis of socio-economic fundamentals.

Manoj has served as a key team member in various impactful projects such as the DPIIT’s (Ministry of Commerce and Industry) Cost of Regulations, 2022-2023 and NSDC’s Impact Assessment under MoHUA – NIPUN Project, 2022-2023.

Previously, as a Senior Field Manager at ICMR, he led projects like the 3rd Census of Handlooms, 2009-2010 for the Ministry of Textiles. Further, as a Field Manager at NCAER, he played a pivotal role in the Rural Economic Demographic Survey (REDS), 2005-2006, published by the University of Cambridge.

Throughout his career, Manoj collaborated with esteemed organizations like The World Bank, Asian Development Bank and key players in the consulting space such as KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and EY. His analytical and strategic thinking, expertise in monitoring and evaluation, and proficiency in supervising large-scale socio-economic surveys underscore his commitment to excellence in research and consultancy.