Lata Kumari, Research Analyst

Lata is a Research Analyst at BRIEF, bringing over 8 years of dedicated experience in the field of research and data collection. Holding a degree in Commerce from the University of Delhi and a postgraduate degree from IGNOU, she has augmented her academic foundation with practical skills in Python, Tableau and Power BI through various certificate courses.

In her professional journey with BRIEF, she has played a crucial role in desk research, data cleaning, tabulation and analysis. Over the years, she has demonstrated a comprehensive mastery of research and data analysis, consistently adding value to the organization’s mission. The diverse clientele whose projects she has been a part of includes government agencies such as NITI Aayog, the Department of Rural Development, Haryana as well as reputed organizations like The World Bank, PwC and Deloitte.

Specializing in socio-economic issues, particularly in gender, education and agriculture, Lata’s work reflects a deep understanding of grassroots challenges. Her proficiency in data visualization has equipped her with valuable skills for effective analysis and trend identification.

Lata’s role at BRIEF has allowed her to explore diverse cultures and landscapes across the country, providing a firsthand perspective on socio-economic issues at the ground level.