BRIEF undertook a study on Database Generation on Non-Tariff Measures in collaboration with The World Bank. The objective of the study was to identify and generate database on NTMs in India, essentially categories C-K from the NTM UNCTAD classification. The data base generation was through relevant sources, data and interviews with public officials as well as private sector representatives.

With so many different NTMs governing different product categories, there is a knowledge gap among the traders about the NTMs because of which they end up losing on time and cost. There was a need to have a transparent and clear list of NTMs governing various product categories. This need was fulfilled through generation of a comprehensive database of all the NTMs prevalent in different categories. It would serve as a guide to exporters and importers through which they can be clear about the regulations governing their products of trade. With a transparent list in place traders will save time by preparing and documenting everything in advance and do not waste time later on when the consignment is held up due to insufficient documentation.

The database has been created to maintain user-friendly and practical content for the benefit of Export Import Community. The vision was to become a one stop reference point for Indian Foreign Trade Rules and Regulations. This can help facilitate trade for newer trade partners as well as for the existing ones.