Data Management

To successfully carry out result-oriented research endeavours, seamless data management becomes an essential requirement. At BRIEF, sufficient emphasis is given to efficient data management techniques, which entail streamlined data recording processes such as data validation, data entry, coding, data cleaning, tabulation, etc. and an analytical framework including platforms such as SAS, STATA and MS Excel as well as tools such as significance testing, cross tabulation, statistical analysis, forecasting techniques, etc. The data entry and data recording processes are succeeded by the critical process of data representation, which includes the generation of tables, matrices and other analytical representations, compiled into structured reports, presentations, etc. The Data Management Team consists of driven individuals with requisite experience levels and track record in analysis of large datasets. The team works in congruence with the Survey Team and the Research & Consulting groups at BRIEF, and provides critical analytical support for a considerable share of the projects handled.

The major lines of activity for the Data Management Team at BRIEF are: