Following successful completion of the study on Cross-LoC Trade: Enhancing Opportunities and Expanding Constituencies, BRIEF has started next phase of the study with the aim of building bridges and (re)connecting communities across LoC and between J&K and rest of India.

And for this, the project will focus to strengthen further the mechanisms of LoC trade, accompanied with adequate steps towards: scaling up of JKJCCI, capacity building of traders, capacity building of chambers on contemporary economic indicators and issues, creating platforms for discussion at both national and local level, focused research on other economic issues of the state, building strategic and economic linkages between J&K and rest of India, and leveraging opportunities to create a sustainable economy in J&K, etc. The project will adopt an approach that is mindful of the local sentiments, engages with key stakeholders, most importantly youth, and the one that promotes trade and pushes for locally-led peacebuilding initiatives from the grassroots.