The aim of the study was to establish baselines on select parameters related to existing or current agricultural package of practices (PoP) and milch animals, and economics of major crops in the project areas. Following are the specific parameters that were covered during the primary survey:

  • The socio‐economic and demographic context of the rural farming communities
  • The productivity of major crops, cost cultivation, cropping intensity and availability of crop insurance coverage among the rural agricultural communities
  • The current productivity of milch animals, practices followed and service providers for such practices
  • Awareness levels of farmers about agriculture and related government schemes

BRIEF undertook the project and designed the research framework, developed questionnaires & discussion guidelines, developed CAPI software tools to conduct the study (~46000 respondents) as well as held qualitative discussions with several stakeholders including government officials, elected members, NGOs, etc. among others across the 25 districts of 9 states. A report was submitted to ITC Limited, which mentions the impact of initiatives taken during the project as well as best practices.