Bureau of Research on Industry and Economic Fundamentals (BRIEF) conducted a survey for the Indian Development Foundation study, ‘Strengthening Women’s Social, Economic and Political Empowerment’, to evaluate an IKEA initiative.

BRIEF conducted the survey, with a sample of around 5,000 in 3 districts – Mirzapur (City block and Ramnagar block), Jaunpur (Rampur and Barsathi blocks) and in Sant Rabidas Nagar (Abholi and Gyanpur blocks) was envisaged.The project methodology incorporated face to face in-depth interviews and Focused Group Discussions among UNDP funded and Non-UNDP funded Self Help Group members in the sample districts.

The project’s immediate objective was to ensure, by 2013, women supported by the project in Jaunpur, Mirzapur and Sant Ravidas Nagar districts achieve a secure and enhanced income and, effectively participate and contribute to decision-making in domestic and public spheres. Overall, it is designed to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; reduce the inequities in health and nutrition outcomes and their key determinants; and promotion of gender equality and empowering women.

The project has a strong linkage with the strategies and objectives of the following UNDP programmes with the Government of India: (a) Poverty Reduction– projects on State Level Support to Livelihood Promotion and Financial Inclusion and (b) Democratic Governance– projects on Capacity Building for Local Governance and Access to Justice.