The project ‘Bridging  Infrastructural Deficits at Select Trade Ports in India’ aims at facilitating trade by developing a comprehensive ‘port-wise plan of action’ for policy reforms and infrastructural improvement, through an outreach program with relevant stakeholders.

This project will discern critical infrastructural deficits and policy reforms which need to be addressed to capitalize on trade opportunities and lay out a concrete port-wise plan of action. This will be done through: Evaluation of selected ports – Identification of regulatory reforms and critical infrastructural gaps and Engagements, discussions and deliberations with the relevant stakeholders and key authorities. During the course of the project, a first hand survey will ascertain the ‘as-is’ state of regulatory framework and infrastructure, and diagnostically examine major issues that need to be addressed through stakeholder engagements. This will be followed by intensive Stakeholder consultations where the identified gaps will be put forth for discussion and critical evaluation.

By the end of the project, final recommendations in the form of a comprehensive and holistic port-specific plan of action, on areas for infrastructural development and reforms in existing policies, will be suggested to enhance trade and ease the business environment.