SRIJAN and BRIEF conducted a comprehensive baseline study in six diverse districts of Madhya Pradesh, aiming to understand the livelihoods of farmers associated with 12 Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs). The study delved into the socioeconomic conditions of local farmers, their roles in agricultural production and marketing, and their access to markets and financial resources. It also identified challenges related to market access and infrastructure while adopting a diverse research approach involving qualitative and quantitative data collection as well as key informant interviews. The study provided valuable insights into the agricultural landscape of Madhya Pradesh and laid the groundwork for informed decision-making and initiatives to improve the lives of farmers in the region.

In essence, this baseline study served as a beacon of knowledge, illuminating the path towards a better understanding of the agricultural landscape in Madhya Pradesh. Its findings not only depicted the past scenario, but also laid the foundation for informed decision-making, policy formulation and initiatives aimed at enhancing the lives of the dedicated farmers who form the backbone of the agricultural sector in this region.