Asif Husain, Data Analyst

Asif, a Data Analyst with a Graduate Degree in Arts and six years of experience, specializes in market research and surveys across domains such as agriculture, health, industry, roads and transport, social sector and gender assessment. His expertise includes data analysis, validation, cleaning and comprehensive data management. Asif also excels in field supervision, ensuring efficient and effective execution of research projects.

At BRIEF, Asif specializes in data analysis, data validation, data cleaning, data finalization and secondary research. Asif has explored a range of analytical tools and methodologies, to identify data trends, patterns and anomalies, leading to the success of various projects he has been part of. Proficient in data cleaning techniques, Asif excels in creating reports, charts and visualizations for varied projects. Further, in the area of field supervision, Asif possesses hands-on experience, ensuring accurate data collection aligned with project objectives.