Asian Development Bank (ADB): Strategic Interventions for Economic Transformation— Strengthening Knowledge for Enhancing Development Outcomes

The primary responsibility of the BRIEF team in this project was to assist the Country Programming Unit and INRM management at ADB in its tasks, including (but not limited to) projects pipeline, providing inputs to the development, review and analysis of the Country Operations Business Plan (COBP), research activities pertaining to various sectoral needs, preparation of policy notes/drafts and preparation of presentations on various cross-cutting themes and sectors. The team worked in close coordination with country office to undertake preparation of various reports/briefing materials pertaining to visits of various senior management officials under broad themes including economic development, trade & logistics and diversification.
The team also, in close coordination with Country Programming Unit and INRM management, produced ADB’s sovereign-loan programming related research analysis, organized and maintained pipeline database in a systematic manner, and shared knowledge in relevant software application data analysis and management skills with key stakeholders including India Resident Mission (INRM) staff.
In addition, the team also contributed to the development of a robust project monitoring mechanism with a view to enable DEA to act promptly to resolve project implementation roadblocks. It also contributed towards the development of a knowledge-driven operational approach in light of the country partnership strategy (CPS) for India, and the associated India Country Knowledge Plan.
The team further supported the Trade and Logistics team in research pertaining to multimodal transport, logistics, trade related infrastructure, cross-border trade and specific project management support to engagements with the state governments in an endeavour to support ADB’s portfolio and strengthen both the preparatory as well as reporting, monitoring and evaluation activities.